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Restoration Practice

The RESTORE project is actively working on a number of quarry restoration projects across NW Europe. These aim to identify, develop and showcase best practice in afteruse restoration; highlighting how quarry restoration can provide a range of public benefits at the same time as helping to conserve biodiversity.


As these projects develop, they will be reported in case study reports, available on the RESTORE website.


Meanwhile, there are several focal pilot projects underway. These are:


- Addressing water quality in the 't Pompje clay pits in Flanders. More information


- Masterplan for Abandoned Quarries in the Schuddebeurze in Flanders. More information


- Holmesdale landscape connectivity in Surrey. More information


- NW Surrey Masterplan for integrated restoration plans. More information


- Enci Maastricht zoned restoration for people and wildlife. More information


- Creating habitat for rare amphibians in old limestone quarries in Limburg.

  More information


- Identifying and demonstrating best practice in mineral sites restoration and aftercare  

  planning and practice. More information

pit restn - Swart Beek

Restored silica sand quarry, Hoge Kampen, Belgium

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Download RESTORE project information leaflet for the Policy into Practice workstream above (in English)

Restoration Practice RESTORE Leaflet